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What Money Saving Tips for Turkey Holidays to Remember

 Money Saving Tips for Turkey

One of the most effective money saving tips for Turkey holidays would be connected to food.  Turkish food, as in any other Mediterranean cuisine, is sumptuous and quite affordable as well.  Moreover, food in Turkey is also healthy, but a lot of use of olive oil, vegetables and fruits. 

For any visitor who wants to save in Turkey, forgetting alcohol would be a very good idea, since alcoholic items are heavily taxed in the country.  Instead, visitors can imitate the locals and go with cheaper and more nutritious drinks like fruit juices and apple tea.  These drinks are the usual accompaniments to kebabs, pide (Turkish pizza) and soups that have very exotic but filling ingredients like tripe and brain.

Another one of the most effective money saving tips for Turkey holidays is using public transportation.  Most travelers find themselves slapped with heavy costs of car rentals.  There are a lot of means of public transportation in most of the country.  Even in the smaller towns, there are taxis.  Minibuses are also very accessible, ready to take anyone to the nearest attractions for a small fare.  These buses do have a timetable, though, although they have fixed routes and they leave their stations once they are full.  With these transportation and food money saving tips for Turkey holidays, one can enjoy the attractions of the country more while saving.

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