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Turkish Hot Springs

Turkish Thermal Spa

Hot Springs: Hot water sources are called hot springs. The springs are generally located along the fractures. These waters contain mineral in their own right. That is why since ancient times; Rheumatism, some skin and internal diseases are used in the treatment. The main point of the spa waters is that they are called medicinal herbs. The substances in the waters of the hot spring enable the people to get treatment possibilities naturally without medicine.

There are beneficial minerals that have effect on the water as they come to the surface underground due to its formation, which also contains the elements found in the soil that it has eroded. The minerals in the hot spring water cause the body functions to work more systematically when the specialist doctors in the facilities get the health of the person when used in a certain system with their recommendations. Mineral water and medicinal water sources contain a variety of minerals, chlorine, sulphate and a carbohydrate in their dissolved form.

1- South Marmara Springs:

There are many hot springs around Bursa, Balıkesir, Gönen. Here, there are Cekirge, Kaynarca, Yeni, Kükürtlü, Kara Mustafa and Eski Kaplıcalar. There are Kuzuluk, Ilica village, clay baths in Sakarya province. A part of Gönen city is heated with hot springs. In addition, there are spas in Yalova, Oylat, Burhaniye, Susurluk, Balya, Havran.

2- West and South West Anatolian Spas

There are many hot springs in Denizli, Manisa, Aydın and Muğla. There are Karahayıt and Pamukkale baths, Yenice and Sarayköy baths in Denizli. In Izmir; Bolçova and Şifne, Beauty Spa in Bergama. In Manisa; There are Alaşehir, Eskişehir, Kurşunlu, Salihli and Mud baths. Muğla; Near the Köyceğiz lake, the Sultaniye spa. Aydin, Germencik, Çamur and Ortakçı.

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