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Turkish Desserts List

Turkish Pumpkin Dessert

Baklava is in the Turkish cuisine among the most well-known desserts. Opened between very thin filo pastry, nuts, walnuts or pistachios baked and then placed into a syrup it is prepared. Tel Kadayif, dough is prepared and sold in very thin wires into the same filled baklava syrup sweetened roasted in the oven.

Peanut Sesame Halva, after boiling the milk sugar, starch, milk sweets, rice or with rice flour prepared by solidification. Once prepared, such as custard pudding from the dessert on a platter of fried interesting results, a Turkish dessert. Tavuk Gogsu, milk also is a sweet, subtle way, as well as the materials mentioned in this section includes chicken breast meat.

Revani, semolina is used in making desserts such as semolina halva. Turkey has a special place among religious beliefs asure wheat, raisins, beans and chickpeas in a sweet prepared in many plant materials. Pumpkin dessert is prepared by cooking with sugar pumpkin. Turkish cuisine is a unique preferred in fall and winter months.

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