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Turkish Dating Culture – Are They Liberal or Conservative About Dating Before Marriage?

Turkish Dating Culture

Turkey is a country straight in the middle of east and West so there are cultural impacts. Turkish dating culture is in the same situation. There are liberal and conservative people in turkey regarding to dating before marriage. If you are going to live in big cities like Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir you will find it more liberal. But instead, if you are going to live in eastern or in middle Anatolia you will find that Turkish dating culture is more conservative.

But don’t worry if you are going to study in Turkey. In most cities students in universities are liberal like western countries. I am a foreign student in turkey myself and I found that few of my friends had their “first time” in high school. Students in universities campuses are open minded people.

Here are  2 easy tips from me regarding to Turkish dating culture:
Turkish boys don’t like the “easy girls”, so play it hard if you are a girl.
Turkish girls have to trust you before they go out with you, so make them trust in you.

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