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Turkey Culture Dance - Horon

Turkey Culture Dance - Horon

Like almost every eastern country, Turkey dance culture is very wide. Turkish people like dancing a lot. Dance is un separated  part of Turkish culture. There are a lot of Turkey culture dance but in this short article I will write only for Horon.

Horon is a special culture dance for Black Sea region. Horon dance is a really fast dance and you hardly can resist to its music. Something inside you would like to  dance while you hearing that dancing melody. As I said before, it’s a dance played mostly in Black Sea region and this dance cannot be performed by anyone. People leaving in Black Sea coastal line cities like Trabzon perform the Horon dance in their weddings and other ceremonies like “yayla şenlikleri” a special festival type in Turkey and this dance is specially performed only by man dancers.

In the near future I will write another article about Turkey culture dance – Zeybek. 

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