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Turkey Culture – Clothing in Years

Turkish Clothing Culture

Firstly I have to say that turkey clothing culture has changed in years. Leather, sheepskins, and woolmade clothes ware very used in early years. The way of clothing depends of the status the person had in social life. Administrative people used to wear showy clothes and the normal population was only worried to cover their selves.

Mahmut II was the first Sultan who attempted moderation in Turkish lifestyle and he changed the headcovers called “sarık” was replaced by “fes” . In period of another Sultan called Abdulhamit II another replacement in turkey culture clothing was made. Women clothes called “ferace” was replace by “çarşaf”. This difference was applied only in big cities, in rural lifestyle the old clothing culture wasn’t changed.

In late 1960 the clothing process was industrialized and turkey culture clothing changed in a manner way. These days the old culture still have footprints in rural places but in big cities like Istanbul, Izmir or Ankara the western lifestyle dominate.

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