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The Luxuriantly Coated Turkish Van Cat

Turkish Van Cat

Only a few varieties of cats can compete against the Turkish van cat in terms of adorability and cuddliness.  With its thick, luxuriant coat, this kind of cat can surely bring the hugger in anyone.  What’s a bit weird for some people are that how can this thick-furred cat come from a Turkey, which most people consider to be a warm country.  Actually, the origins of this cat are the Van Basin, which is located in the eastern portion of the country. 

The mountains of area make temperature go down in the negative, even though summers can be pretty hot at the high 30s.  Because of the cat’s coating, it is protected from the harsh wind and snow during winter.  Meanwhile, during the blistering summer, these cats shed their coat.

Up until the 1970s and the early 1980s, the Turkish van cat was free to roam this isolated portion of Turkey, along with other local animals like deer and foxes.  They only go down to the villages to get food during the winter.  Some of them eventually grew trusting of humans and humans have also grown fond of them, making them pets.  However, recent findings in the Iraqi-Turkish border found that there are still a number of Turkish van cat varieties living in the higher mountain regions.

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