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The Cool Rural Charms of Ovacik, Turkey

Ovacik Turkey Tourism

Ovacik, Turkey is one of those towns that may be visited by a lot of tourists when going to Turkey, but is not necessarily a household name or something that is on the top 5 recommendations of any Turkish travel book.  People who have been there though, have nothing but praises for the natural and pristine beauty of this town.  It is right behind the world famous Oludeniz beach resort and lagoon, which also leads to another world-renowned attraction, Mount Olympus.

Ovacik, Turkey has become increasingly more popular for people who want to escape the tourist trap that Hisaronu and Oludeniz have become.  For tourists who want a more cosmopolitan vacation, complete with a bustling nightlife and shopping, Hisaronu is the place to go.  On the other hand, for visitors who want a more relaxing time and be regaled with spectacular views, Ovacik is it.  The air is cooler and fresher, because it is more elevated, and it would be a welcome relief especially during the summer.

Dolmus minibuses run in Hisaronu, Oludeniz and Ovacik, Turkey once around every 15 minutes, which is usually the time the bus gets filled with passengers.

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