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The Authentic Turkish Bath Experience – in Turkey!

Turkish Bath

One of the grandest experiences any visitor to the country of Turkey must experience would obviously be a Turkish bath.  After all, why not get the most authentic bath from the country it was named after? Places where a visitor can have this authentic and unique experience abound in all cities and towns across the country just like how most, if not all towns in Europe and the US have at least one fitness centers or gym.

Once a visitor gets inside a modern Turkish bath, he or she will be led to a dressing room where a number of cubicles are found.  The key to one of these cubicles will be given, and once inside the cubicle, the visitor has to change from his or her clothes to a cotton wrap and slippers.  There is an option for visitors to get bathing implements like soap and shampoo at a price, or they can bring their own.  Attendants will then ask the visitor if he or she would like a massage to go with the Turkish bath.

There are usually three hot rooms inside the bath, aside from the spa, two steam rooms, a spa, and a cold pool.  The hot rooms are the tepidarium, caldarium, and the sudatorium, which is the hottest one.   Visitors are reminded to be in swimwear when enjoying a Turkish bath and some with medical conditions like skin and heart ailments will not be allowed inside.

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