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Not a Dull Moment in a Holiday Side, Turkey

Holiday Side, Turkey

To have a holiday Side, Turkey is one of the must-do’s when visiting this enchanting country.  As Turkey is known as the meeting point of the East and West, Europe and Asia, Side is also known to offer breathtaking sites of the mountain landscapes meeting the Mediterranean coast.  This town used to be a Roman Empire outpost, so there is a sense of history in this place. 

Lying 75 kilometers away from Antalya, the biggest city nearest it, Side has a good number of ancient Roman buildings that have been well-preserved.  Any visitor cannot help but be charmed by the small village atmosphere Side has, with its narrow streets leading to its picturesque harbor.  For those who want to enjoy the historical sites, the Apollo Temple ruins are a necessity to visit, especially during the dusk hours.

For those who want to laze around the sea and sand, there are two single beaches from opposite sides of the town, and even a cove in center of the town.  Of course, a holiday Side, Turkey will not be complete without enjoying the local offerings in shopping, dining and nightlife.  Luckily, even though Side may not be as big as Istanbul or Ankara, a lot of restaurants, bars and specialty shop are open for visitors to enjoy.  Truly, there are a lot of exciting activities a holiday Side, Turkey entails.

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