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New Year Celebrations in Turkey

New Year Eve 2018 in Turkey

Do you want to bite the bingo at home and make a change this year, to celebrate the new year in a new place or even in a new city? Here are 5 addresses to choose from for you, start a fun new year in Turkey!

1- Alaçatı, İzmir, Turkey:

As for Alaçatı, the sea, the sand and the sun come to the fore, but the Aegean has its own architecture and the street party that has been held for the last several years. Alaçatı'nın narrow streets burning fire, always singing songs from this mouth is told not only from Izmir, but from all over Turkey is participating. In addition, many Alaçatı venues, which are closed during the winter season, are opening special doors again for Christmas and having dinner fun.

2- Uludağ, Bursa, Turkey:

Turkey's most popular ski resort Uludağ, of course, continues its popularity this year. You can go skiing or snowboarding in Uludağ, which is also a great place for skiing and nightlife as well as ski tracks. You can also enjoy dancing in places where famous artists perform at venues such as Beceren Terrace, Grand Yazıcı Arena and Le Chalet Yazıcı Cafe!

3- Nişantaşı, İstanbul, Turley:

Nişantaşı, one of the most popular districts of Istanbul, is adorned with a different concept and illuminated a few weeks before each new year. The interest that these illuminations are leading to the summit is peaking at the New Year's Eve party of fireworks displays, attended by renowned DJs and artists, and there is virtually no place to step on the streets. If the street party does not stop you, you can translate your route to Nişantaşı Bakkalı. Because you can witness an alternative and colorful party held here at any moment.

4- Antalya, Turkey:

Both domestic and foreign tourists' eyes to many hotels in Antalya attract attention with their programs starring famous artists, or even special show groups at the beginning of the year. If you want to enter the new year, now in Antalya, where the streets are illuminated before the beginning of the year, we recommend you to book your reservation already!

5- Kartalkaya, Turkey:

Another option for those who wish to celebrate the new year in the mountains is Kartalkaya, Bolu's famous ski resort. Because it is located right in the center of Ankara and Istanbul, Kartalkaya, which attracts great interest from the residents of both towns, you can dancing and singing in the accompaniment of open-air barrels next to the year-old wine and sausage bread.

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