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Turkish Classical Music

Turkish Classical Music

Turkish Classical Music is one of the most interesting and oldest type of classical music in the world along with Indian Classical Music and Western Classical Music. So, what makes Turkish Classical Music one of the greatest of the world? First of all Turkish Classical Music dates back so old and has lots of important composer and musician. Turkish Classical Music has it’s highest point at the time of Ottomans and there were really great musicians and composers. After Ottoman Empire the effects of classical music continued for a while but today Turkish musicians generally prefer to create pop songs or new culture songs such as rap music or rock music. But it’s still possible to see some examples of Turkish Classical Music even today.

There are several types of Turkish Classical Music. For example, Some types of it are religious music which are called as “ tasavvuf” or there are even types of Western influenced classical music songs. Turkish Classical Music dates back to 10th century and Turkish philosopher Farab in considered the creator of Turkish Classical Music. After that point, Turkish Classical Music was developed and it’s still here. Because of Ottoman’s cosmopolitan form contributed Turkish Classical Music and it’s one of the richest of the world.

A sample of the Turkish classical music. By Tarkan and Müzeyyen Senar.

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