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Istanbul Shopping Festival 2011

Istanbul Shopping Festival 2011

T.C. Culture and Tourism Ministry and T.C. Istanbul Governor's Office under the auspices of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the support of TIM; Shopping Centre Investors Association (AYD), Shopping Centers and Retailers Association (AMPD), and United Brands Association (UBA) in coordination with Istanbul Shopping Fest (ISF), Istanbul, the world's shopping, culture into the entertainment center.

Held between 18 March to 26 April 2011, this huge organization, activities, history is full of enthusiasm, flavors and colors of the color adds to the fun center of Istanbul.

Many hundreds of thousands of visitors would be accommodated in the world Istanbul Shopping Fest from the opening and closing events, as well as various points of Istanbul, the shopping centers and department stores will remain open until late at the realization of many planned activities. The spirit of the festival, as shopping centers, Abdi Ipekci, the main shopping streets of Istanbul, Istiklal Street, such as Baghdad and the wrap. 40 days, which will continue throughout the street festivals, concerts, demonstrations, games for children, parties, contests and fashion shows in the city driven by the pace of the fun is getting higher. Opportunities also does not stop them, the ones in Istanbul during the festival season, new products, waiting for significant discounts. Moreover, the long hours at night shopping nights, 2:00 to make the shopping and enjoy the privilege to live in Istanbul ...

Carried out a surprise gift of winning lotteries and SMS lucky organization that makes shopping even more exciting than ever, both domestic and abroad in order to increase the satisfaction of shopping lovers. Tax free shopping facilities with the opportunity to find discounts in excess of 30% is for tourists in Istanbul is becoming a more attractive two-fold.

Istanbul Shopping Fest events in the calendar of events for attractive deals and close to each other do not forget to follow!

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