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How to Get There From Istanbul to Ephesus?

Istanbul to Ephesus

Istanbul and Ephesus, Turkey's two beautiful places. Many tourists came to Turkey to Istanbul first, then going to other places. After the beaten track places from Istanbul to Ephesus. Way from Istanbul to Ephesus to go to the large number of alternative transportation is available.

Istanbul - Ephesus between distance, approximately 630 km. This way if you want to go by bus, you will find a large number of transport companies. When you go this route by bus, will take 8-9 hours.

Another alternative is to go to the airline from Istanbul to Ephesus. Often times you can find available flights from Istanbul to Izmir. Ephesus in Izmir, you can go by bus or by taxi.

If you want to go by train from Istanbul to Ephesus, unfortunately, has no direct trains. However, first go Balıkesir or Eskişehir, you can go to these places by train from Izmir.

If you are going on day trips from Istanbul to Ephesus, and transport aircraft will be the most appropriate alternative.

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