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How to Get There From Istanbul to Antalya?

Istanbul to Antalya

Istanbul and Antlaya, arguably the two most popular city for tourism in Turkey. Therefore,how to get to from Antalya to Istanbul or Istanbul to Antalya are frequently asked questions. When these two great cities, there are many transportation alternatives.

Antalya - Istanbul distance, approximately 730 km. If you want to go this route by bus, will take approximately driving time 7.5 hours. You can find the bus at any time of day between Istanbul to Antalya. Especially in the summer, the bus will not feel a shortage of discovery. Unfortunately, trains from Istanbul to Antalya are unavailable.

If you want a fast link, of course, should be your choice of airline. Almost every airline company in Turkey, have a flight services between Istanbul to Antalya.

Normally a ship's voyage from Istanbul to Antalya are haven't. But,  some tour companies organize trips to the sea through the Istanbul to Antalya.

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