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Butterfly Valley : A Fascinating Place

Buuterfly Valley Turkey

Butterfly Valley, which is located on the east side of Belceğiz Bay, is a meeting point for nature lovers with its pebbly beach and deep canyon. Since structuring is prohibited here in 1995, Butterfly Valley is a perfect place to enjoy nature with its blue and green colors.

The visitors can reach at Butterfly Valley by boats setting out from Ölüdeniz there times a day. Ölüdeniz, which depends on Fethiye County, is just 13 km away from Butterfly Valley. The other way to go to Butterfly Valley is to reach at Faralya Village and go along the pathway down to the beach.


Yedigöller National Park


These lakes are situated at a paradise, height of which for 3.200 meters and concealed among the sharp rocky peaks of Eastern Black Sea Region. Visitors canreach the area through the Mor Plateau of ispir. Soil land trek goes until the close ends of the lakes. Close surroundings are inhabited. The area is one of the places where the loneliness and the isolation are felt well. The land trek can be used only in July and August. Various fish habit in the Lakes. We dare say that the area is the most influential mountain lakes of the country owing to the amazingly wild natural scenes.




Gökçeada, which was known as İmroz before, located at the northwest of Aegean Sea is the largest island of turkey. In Gökçeada, which is piece of heaven with its natural beauties, you will witness that slience is disturbed only with playful waves. You may sunbath on Kefalos-Aydıncık beaches, located at the southern part of the Island, or take a mud bath in the salt lake adjacent to the beaches, and if you are lucky enough, you may even spot some nesting flamingos.


Fethiye - Oludeniz

The untouched virgin of the Land of Light, Fethiye is located at the Fethiye Gulf hosting several Mediterranean islands, and in a North-caing bay of pine forests. Many sport activities and events are organized in Ölüdeniz, the most natural beach of Turkey, including world famous Aviation Olympics and Turkey Yachting and Rowing Cup. Along with splendid natural beauties, the neighborhood roll also involves fascinating historical sitesi. Above Ölüdeniz is Babağda, which is known as the second most suitable place in the world for tandem paragliding.



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