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Olympos Holiday Village Information

Olympos Tree Houses

Antalya is a holiday village which is 60 km away. Olympos is almost impossible to see a stone structure. All hostels in Olympos tree houses and serving in the form of derivative. Prices are very reasonable because there are mostly students. Prices in the tree house bungalow 15-20 TL 40-50 TL between air-conditioned rooms. The sea is very clean, Olympos has got a Caretta Carettas to see while swimming, the water in the bottom of a thousand varieties of fish is not surprising to see.


Love Hill : Pierre Loti Hill in Istanbul

Pierre Loti in Istanbul

Coffeehouses of Pierre Loti, historical peninsula while exploring the many visitors welcome respite to foreign ideal. This crunchy pretzels made with your breakfast and the coffee shop your tea, you can drink, accompanied by magnificent views of the Golden Horn ..

From a bird's-eye view of all these historical places in and around the Golden Horn, a few years ago, has been restored. The café also has a small indoor space in the vicinity of, ornamental works, especially China, where is also sold souvenir.


Buyukada Island in Istanbul

Buyukada Island

A pleasant ferry ride later, there was before a large crowd of encounter, but cab fare or uphill climb began up on intensely feel, plus the Aya Yorgi's near where custom-made red wine and friends, you can share perfect place.

We also mention a cab to the island, but soon as you make the most beautiful thing ...In addition to rent bicycles from the bike plate that islands only place =)

Another nice feature is if you go to the island the morning accompanied by the smell of pine trees do not get tired of walking to enjoy ..


Marmaris : Trip to Paradise

Marmaris in Turkey

I want to start with the slogan of Marmaris Tourist’s Agency : “ Trip to Paradise.” Yes, Marmaris is heaven in world. Marmaris is in the borders of Turkish city Mugla. There are lots of touristic and historical places in Marmaris and every year lots of tourists from different parts of world come to Marmaris to visit and spend their holiday. Also, some people from different countries decide to settle in Marmaris after they see it.


Kaputaş Beach

Kaputas Beach Turkey

Kaputaş Beach is on the coastal road between two cute towns of Antalya; Kaş and Kalkan. The beach, which is often titled as one of the most beautiful beaches of the world, is covered by pebbles and the sea has a wide range of colors from light green to navy blue here. This stunning beach can be reached by walking from the coastal road down the stairs which has 187 steps.



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