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Pamukkale (Hierapolis) in Turkey

Pamukkale in Turkey

Pamukkale is another touristic destination in Turkish city, Denizli. Most of the people think that Pamukkale is a different and weird name and according to dictionary Pamukkale means castle which is made up of cotton. When you see an image of Pamukkale, you would much better understand what I am talking about. The length of the Pamukkale is about 3 km’s and it’s weight is about 170 meters. Pamukkale is in the borders of Hieropolis antic city. Hieropolis, and Pamukkale as well are under the protection of UNESCO World Heritage.


Palandoken Ski Center in Erzurum, Turkey

Palandoken in Turkey

Suppose that you are a skiing fan and love it too much. But you don’t have too much chance to do that. What can be reason for that, what can prevent you from skiing? Price? Well, I think price is really an obstacle for you, isn’t it? So, I would like to tell you about a skiing place which is with great buildings and lowest prices : Palandoken. Palandoken is the name of the mountain which is really close to Turkish city Erzurum and also in the borders or Erzurum.


Assos in Turkey

Assos in Turkey

Assos is historical and touristic land in Turkey, Canakkale. But, do you believe it’s actually a village? Yes, Assos is an antic city at all. The history of Assos starts from the 6th centery. Historical researches show up that, Persians located at Assos at 6th century. They started to live there at 6th century and until the Roma Kingdom take control of the Assos Antic city.


Information Kusadasi in Aydin, Turkey

Kuşadası Guide in Turkey

Kusadasi is one of the most important tourism destinations of Turkey. It is inside of the borders of Aydin province. It’s very close to Aydin downtown and Izmir city, both of them are important tourism centers. Kusadasi provides two important features to it’s visitors : both history and fun. Kusadasi is famous with it’s clean and magnificent beaches. All in all, I can comfortably say that, Kusadasi has most important criteria which are important for tourists. The history of Kusadasi is not so exact, there are some information about that but it’s not so exact.


About Cappadocia - Fairy Chimneys

Cappadocia in Turkey

Cappadocia region, the nature and history of the world's most beautiful is the place. Fair chimneys geographic events, historical processes, people, this fairy chimneys in houses and churches that have them decorated with frescoes and thousands of years old civilization to the present has followed. Paleolithic period of human settlement, along with the written history of Cappadocia begins Hitit. Colonies throughout the history of trade between countries, commercial and social hosts, and builds a bridge of Cappadocia, an important crossroads of the Silk Road.



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