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Konya, Mevlana and Nasreddin Hodja

Konya Turkey

Konya is a historical and mistic city where Mevlana Moseleum is found. It has a large and smooth area that measures about 38.000 km2. Mainly wheat is produced there and is known as " storehouse of crops of Turkey. Konya is well -known in the world because Mevlana. Pepole in Konya is proud of Mevlana and they say they are grandchildren of Mevlana.Every year a ceremony takes place. This ceremony is called as "Şeb-i Aruz". It means "the night of coming together with Allah". Mevlana is considered his death as "to be born again, or coming together with Allah".


Van Lake : The Largest Lake in Turkey

Van Lake in Turkey

Lake Van or locally under the name Sea of Van, located within the boundaries of Tatvan town of Mount Nemrut volcanic explosion caused the water accumulated in the crater formed by a volcanic lake is the default.

Both freshwater and marine ecosystems of Lake Van, a different aquatic ecosystem. Water is salty and soda. There are four islands in the eastern part of the lake. These Akdamar, Carpanak, and Bird Island are Adır. Historical and touristic properties, and in 1990 the islands has been declared in Archaeological Sites.


Sumela Monastery, Trabzon, Turkey

Sumela Monastery in Turkey

Sümela Monastery is an touristic and historical place in Turkish city Trabzon. It’s at the top of an mountain and it’s a popular tourist destination. There are lots of causes for it’s being such an important tourism destination. It’s not only for it’s being an important tourism place it’s also an important place for being an important religious place. There are no exact records about when the Sümela Monastery was built and who constructed the Sümela Monastery but it is estimated that it’s history dates back 1000 years ago and local people constructed it to escape from enemy attacks.


Manavgat & Manavgat Waterfall in Antalya, Turkey

Manavgat Waterfall in Turkey

Manavgat is a town in Turkey and it belongs to the Antalya, a popular and famous city in Turkey. Manavgat town is between Toros mountains and famous Antalya beaches, and it’s one of the most beautiful towns in Turkey when it comes to the natural beauty. The social facilities of Manavgat town can’t be considered at advanced level but still there are some important facilities, some luxury hotels and restaurants.


Gumbet Bodrum, Turkey

Gumbet in Turkey

bodrum-turkey" class="alinks-link" title="Gumbet, Bodrum, Turkey">Gumbet is a popular holiday destination near to the Bodrum, another great and popular holiday destination in Turkey. Gumbet is an Agean resort and a famous holiday destination especially in European countries, people from England and Germany, also from many other European countries, come to Gumbet to visit and spend their holiday there It’s also not hard to reach to Gumbet, Because of it’s being such an important tourism place, there are lots of direct flights to Gumbet from many European countries and airport is too close to Gumbet.



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