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Rafting in Turkey

Rafting in Turkey

Every summer, hundreds of people gather together in groups for rafting on large and small rivers and raging waters. In different rivers you can find different degrees of difficulty of the routes for rafting. There a discovery team will be waiting for you in Turkey. One-day or weekend trip is possible to participate in this excitement. The bridge between the most convenient to white water rafting rivers in Turkey, Dalaman, Melen, and the Euphrates rivers Coruh possible are to count.


Bursa, Turkey

Bursa in Turkey

Bursa is situated near the Marmara Sea in the northwestern part of Turkey. This city was the fist capital of the Ottoman Empire. This is one of the major cities of Turkey and the fourth largest city, which comes after Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. Bursa is also one of the major industrial cities. It is well know because of the silk, chestnut and peach industries.  Bursa also has a rich history for being the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. Few kilometers away from Bursa, is Uludag, which is one of the highest mountains in Turkey.


Mount Nemrut, Turkey

Mount Nemrut in Turkey

Mount Nemrut is known as an archeological treat for many archeologists and is one of the biggest prides of Turkey is also the eighth wonder of the world  is really a treat to a person’s eye. Rich with beautiful natural environments and also a heritage of the civilization that ruled this place, has a very unique thing about it. It is two thousand one hundred and fifty meters above sea level. There are many breathtaking sites in Mount  Nemrut that reflect the rules of many civilizations that came to Turkey.


Safranbolu, Turkey

Safranbolu Turkey

Safranbolu falls in the northern region and  It is approximately 200 kilometers north from Ankara and 100 kilometers south of the famous black sea. This place is rich in historical and cultural heritage displays the excellence of The Turkish architectures.

One can see the traditional Turkish houses which reflect the beauty of Turkish art. The best time to come here is spring as the climate is the best during this time. A person can spend as much time as they want but will never be satisfied because there is so much to see in this place.



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