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Safranbolu, Turkey

Safranbolu Turkey

Safranbolu falls in the northern region and  It is approximately 200 kilometers north from Ankara and 100 kilometers south of the famous black sea. This place is rich in historical and cultural heritage displays the excellence of The Turkish architectures.

One can see the traditional Turkish houses which reflect the beauty of Turkish art. The best time to come here is spring as the climate is the best during this time. A person can spend as much time as they want but will never be satisfied because there is so much to see in this place.

The huts and palaces which are constructed here are all amazing examples of olden civilizations and their citizen architectural work, which  provides a detailed and  picture of  how  the people loved to live  in Turkey during the 18th century.

This place still holds the ottoman architectural cultured buildings.  A person can get the best view at Hidirilk Tepesi. An interesting fact is that the pollution in the air because of wood fires and industrial  activities causes the sunset in this area to be extremely beautiful and breathtaking with stunning colors .

Iskender Kebab is considered as a local specialty which is rich in Turkish flavors. Food which is one of the specialties tastes so food that you will never want to stop eating. The residents of this place are known to be friendly, happy and are also very particular about the wealth of the heritage that this place has. They take a lot of pride to look after it and maintain the beauty of the cultures.

Now we know why, this city is considered as heritage in Turkey because of  the culture , beauty and the vibrant beauty of the ethic traditional Turkish art. This place truly reflects everything we all know about Turkey.

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