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Mount Nemrut, Turkey

Mount Nemrut in Turkey

Mount Nemrut is known as an archeological treat for many archeologists and is one of the biggest prides of Turkey is also the eighth wonder of the world  is really a treat to a person’s eye. Rich with beautiful natural environments and also a heritage of the civilization that ruled this place, has a very unique thing about it. It is two thousand one hundred and fifty meters above sea level. There are many breathtaking sites in Mount  Nemrut that reflect the rules of many civilizations that came to Turkey.

Nemrut Dag , which stands 2134 meter tall, located on the eastern part of the country was discovered in the year 1881. It  is situated near the village of Karadut in Kahta county of Adiyaman providence. It was in this region that incorporated of both Greek and Persian gods. It is declared as an inactive volcano. Some of the findings that are there are:

  • The ancient Art show historians that the famous mud statues show the Greek facial features and the Persian clothing and hairstyles.
  • The kingdom of Commagene was in the mountains between the Greek and  the Persian civilizations
  • There are also Mud statues of Eagles
  • There is an artificial mountain peak of fifty meters in height between the ledges of the ancient gods which as per sources state might have the tomb which contains the body  of Antiochus.
  • The famous Karakus burial mound is also situated in this region.
  • Kocahisar, else know as the New Fortress or Yeni Kale was built by the Mamluks,
  • An inscription of King Antiochus lies in Arsameia which is else know as the Old Fortress
  • There is also the ancient throne of the gods, sources state that it was named as a slave built mountain

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