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Every Thing You Should Know About Hasankeyf in Turkey

Hasankeyf in Turkey

Hasankeyf, Turkey is situated near the Tigris River which is in the Batman province in southeastern Turkey. This place is also known as the ancient town.

  • The history of this place goes back 10,000 years. Along the Tigris River it is one of the oldest cities in the batman province.
  • Turkey declared it as a national conservation area in 1981
  • It was first occupied by the Romans who built a Fortress here which became a bishopric when the city was under Byzantine Empire. The bridge on the Tigris river was built by the Arabs under their rule. Artukid and Ayyubid also ruled the city for a while.
  • The city falls under the Batman province and also the Southeastern region of Anatolia.

There are many archaeological wonders buried in this place. Some examples are:

  • Old Tigris Bridge: - It was built in 1116 under the rule of Artukid Fahrettin Karaasla
  • The Citadel in the city :-it is used as a common place of interaction for many years.
  • The Small Palace: - It was constructed under the rule of Ayyubid
  • The Ulu Mosque; - Made in 1325 under the rule of Ayyubid.
  • The Great Palace: - built under the rule of Artukid
  • El Rizk Mosque: - it was constructed in 1409 under the rule of Ayyubid sultan
  • The Süleyman Mosque: - built under the rule of Sultan Süleyman
  • Koc Mosque: - built under the rule of Ayyubid
  • Kizlar : - A mosque is operated in some parts of this
  • Imam Abdullah Tomb: - this tomb was built in the Ayyubid reign.
  • Zeynel Bey Mausoleum: it is named to grace Zeynel Bey Mausoleum

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