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Dalyan, Turkey

Dalyan, Turkey

Dalyan falls under the Aegean region and Mugla providence is considered as a scenic beauty. Nit is located between the Maramaris and fethiys region of the southwest coast of the country. It is also known as nature’s paradise. It has the best that nature can give and is also home to the fishing industry in the country. And offers the best that nature can give in it’s own way.

A popular activity in this place is the very famous Mud bath as it is here that the mud contains beneficial ingredients like calcium and magnesium which is very good for our overall health and our skin.

We can even go to experience a very ancient ruin of Caunus. via the sea. This is also the home to the loggerhead turtle which are considered as one of the biggest marine turtles. With good weather conditions. This is a rich plantations region.

A person can do various activities like going for a jeep safari which is a one day tour, Mountain biking, Trekking, The famous turtle beach, boat trips, the ever famous mud bath and natural hot springs. You can also fish for fresh crabs and take the good old Turkish bath.

Other activates would include Scuba diving, Biking, White water rafting, canoin hiking,
Paragliding, Pamukkale, the saklikent gorge which is also a winter resort and the City of Rodes. For sure you can say that this home for all and any tourist who wants to be in the midst of nature.

Cotton is grown the most here, as well as fruits and vegetables due to the richess of the natural soil present in this place. Now we know why this is termed as the nature’s paradise, as this place is truly in every way blessed with nature’s precious and loved gifts.

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