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Bursa, Turkey

Bursa in Turkey

Bursa is situated near the Marmara Sea in the northwestern part of Turkey. This city was the fist capital of the Ottoman Empire. This is one of the major cities of Turkey and the fourth largest city, which comes after Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. Bursa is also one of the major industrial cities. It is well know because of the silk, chestnut and peach industries.  Bursa also has a rich history for being the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. Few kilometers away from Bursa, is Uludag, which is one of the highest mountains in Turkey.

Cius is one of the famous tourist spot in Bursa, which was given as a gift to the Bithynian king Prusias I by Philip V. Macedonia in 202 BC. This city was renamed as Prusa after the king himself.

Prusa became one of the major cities and it held its importance for the whole Hellenistic, Byzantine and Roman periods. Prusa is known as one of the major silk trading cities because of its geographical location on near the Silk Road.

After the capture by the Byzantines in 1326, Bursa became the capital of the Ottoman Empire. There was a lot of development in the city during the 14th century. In the midst of 1390 to 1395, the sultan Bayezid built I the Bayezid Kulliyesi in the city of Bursa.

Bursa was the major market of royal silk product throughout the Ottoman period. Silk was imported from Iran, China and also locally produced. The city was the main producer of silk products like kaftans, pillows that were made especially for the Ottoman palaces.

The city of Bursa is also famous for its knives. It became the main market for motor vehicle in the 20th century.

Some of the major locations to visit in Bursa are :

  • Ulucami, which is known as the “great mosque". It was built in 1399.
  • Muradiye Cami İshak Paşa Külliyeleri
  • Yeşil Camii(Green Mosquee)
  • Hüdavendigar Camii
  • Celal Bayar Müzesi
  • Yıldırım Camii
  • Koca Sinan Paşa
  • Orhan Camii ve Külliyesi (Orhan Mosque)

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