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Turkish Hot Springs

Turkish Thermal Spa

Hot Springs: Hot water sources are called hot springs. The springs are generally located along the fractures. These waters contain mineral in their own right. That is why since ancient times; Rheumatism, some skin and internal diseases are used in the treatment. The main point of the spa waters is that they are called medicinal herbs. The substances in the waters of the hot spring enable the people to get treatment possibilities naturally without medicine.


The Cool Rural Charms of Ovacik, Turkey

Ovacik Turkey Tourism

Ovacik, Turkey is one of those towns that may be visited by a lot of tourists when going to Turkey, but is not necessarily a household name or something that is on the top 5 recommendations of any Turkish travel book.  People who have been there though, have nothing but praises for the natural and pristine beauty of this town.  It is right behind the world famous Oludeniz beach resort and lagoon, which also leads to another world-renowned attraction, Mount Olympus.


Not a Dull Moment in a Holiday Side, Turkey

Holiday Side, Turkey

To have a holiday Side, Turkey is one of the must-do’s when visiting this enchanting country.  As Turkey is known as the meeting point of the East and West, Europe and Asia, Side is also known to offer breathtaking sites of the mountain landscapes meeting the Mediterranean coast.  This town used to be a Roman Empire outpost, so there is a sense of history in this place. 


Canyons in Turkey - Canyon Tourism

Koprulu Canyon in Turkey

Streams from the point they came to earth nature of many of the valleys, creating a dream in progress to that store. The sum of these streams of resources resulting from the mountains, deep canyons, when converted into its majesty between rock blocks. Inland waters in the first place in Europe from Turkey, rich in terms of canyons. Beat blocks in the rock waterfalls and canyons from the outside world that hosts a wildlife preserve in most parts is still human foot.



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