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Van Lake : The Largest Lake in Turkey

Van Lake in Turkey

Lake Van or locally under the name Sea of Van, located within the boundaries of Tatvan town of Mount Nemrut volcanic explosion caused the water accumulated in the crater formed by a volcanic lake is the default.

Both freshwater and marine ecosystems of Lake Van, a different aquatic ecosystem. Water is salty and soda. There are four islands in the eastern part of the lake. These Akdamar, Carpanak, and Bird Island are Adır. Historical and touristic properties, and in 1990 the islands has been declared in Archaeological Sites.

Lake Van is the world's largest soda lake, is also the largest lake in Turkey. According to local people living in the lake is a monster. Purpose of removing those rumors to attract tourists to the region, said that even though the region to investigate rumors of much scientific research team has worked.

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