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Uludag Turkey

Named in 1925 with its current title and declared a national park in 1961 with its extraordinary nature and the walth of its flora and fauna, Uludağ's 11,338 hectar area is protected.

Uludağ also has a justified reputation as the most popular ski resort of our nation with a rch selection of skiing courses and colorful nighlife. Uludağ has a total of 13 lifts and 15 ski courses that can be pressed by snow track. There is a total of 4 camp and recreation areas in the Uludağ National Park, two of which are just for day trips: Sarıalan, Çobankaya, Kirazlıyayla and Karabelen, The climactic characteristics varying from the lower altitudes to the summit, have caused the biological diversity to become even richer.

Uludağ is also one of the rare habitats for the Apollon butterflies, which is a species encountered very seldom. With thirty of them endemic to Uludağ, over one hundred plant species in the local plant cover have caused this area to become a major center of nature watchers and botanical enthusiast, alongside winter sports. The snow fall and ensuing ski season, whic starts November of every year and last until March, Transforms into a flower festival in April and August. Kirazlıyayla and Sarıalan sites are attractive venues in the summer months for trekking, nature sports and camping.

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