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The Most Wonderful City in The World : Istanbul

Istanbul Turkey

Do you know which city is the most beautiful city in the world for many travelers? Well, the answer is the Istanbul, for sure. Whatever you want from a tourism destination, you can find it at Istanbul, history, restaurants, crowd, crazy summer parties, historical places, luxury hotels, sea, sun etc. Istanbul is a city in Turkey and it is located where Asia and Europe continents meet. Many foreign people think Istanbul is the capital of Turkey, that’s wrong, Istanbul isn’t the capital or Turkey but it’s the most important city in Turkey for many reasons: tourism, trade, economical reason, etc.

There are lots of tourist attraction in Istanbul. Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque and it’s famous square, Hagia Sophia, Suleymaniye Mosque, Galata Bridge, Taksim Square and Beylerbeyi Palace are among the most popular tourist attraction in Turkey. It can’t be possible to see every part of the Istanbul because of it’s very long history, more than 2500 years. If you like to visit Istanbul as whole, you should pay at least a year to it, I am serious. Visiting the tourist attractions is not the only thing to do in Istanbul, there are also lots of restaurants and luxury hotels. Eating a dinner in a restaurant near to Golden Horn while watching the Golden Horn is a priceless experience. There are also lots of crazy summer parties at Istanbul and important singers perform at different times of a year, that’s another alternative to enjoy in Istanbul. Moreover, compared to the many other popular tourist attraction in the world like Paris, Milano, Rome etc, Istanbul is a cheap city. As you can see you can find whatever you want from a holiday in Istanbul, so you can easily make your mind that it’s one of the most beautiful tourism destination.

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