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Sumela Monastery, Trabzon, Turkey

Sumela Monastery in Turkey

Sümela Monastery is an touristic and historical place in Turkish city Trabzon. It’s at the top of an mountain and it’s a popular tourist destination. There are lots of causes for it’s being such an important tourism destination. It’s not only for it’s being an important tourism place it’s also an important place for being an important religious place. There are no exact records about when the Sümela Monastery was built and who constructed the Sümela Monastery but it is estimated that it’s history dates back 1000 years ago and local people constructed it to escape from enemy attacks. It’s not so easy to access Sümela Monastery because of it’s being on a mountain, you have better register for a trip group so things would be easier for you if you would register them.

Sümela Monastery was a ruin structure at years ago but then Turkish ministry decided to restore it and use for touristic causes. And it seems like worked and every year lots of people worldwide come to visit the Sümela Monastery, for touristic and religious causes. If you want to visit Sümela Monastery you have to know that, Sümela Monastery is not a cultural place and there are not crazy parties and summer dance clubs, Sümela Monastery is only a place to visit for it’s being a cultural place. There are some festivals and other types of cultural events take place at and around of Sümela Monastery and they are generally religious types of events.

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