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Pamukkale (Hierapolis) in Turkey

Pamukkale in Turkey

Pamukkale is another touristic destination in Turkish city, Denizli. Most of the people think that Pamukkale is a different and weird name and according to dictionary Pamukkale means castle which is made up of cotton. When you see an image of Pamukkale, you would much better understand what I am talking about. The length of the Pamukkale is about 3 km’s and it’s weight is about 170 meters. Pamukkale is in the borders of Hieropolis antic city. Hieropolis, and Pamukkale as well are under the protection of UNESCO World Heritage.

So, what makes Pamukkale that a different style of rocks and that a different style of antic city? The white stones that you can see everywhere in Pamukkale is travertine terraces which are deposited by water out of the springs. Actually, the form of Pamukkale and how the Pamukkale was formed is much more scientific topic, but I think it’s useful to know that Pamukkale was formed after the reaction of water and travertine. Maybe your guide will give you much more information about this topic. Pamukkale region and Hieropolis used to serve a city so there are antic social facilities in Pamukkale. For example, there is an antic theater, antic pool and an old bazaar. You have to visit the Pamukkale with a tourist guide because it’s not possible for you to understand the Pamukkale fully without an expert, he or she has to tell you about that amazing structure. There is also a museum at Pamukkale, it’s also very interesting.

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