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Palandoken Ski Center in Erzurum, Turkey

Palandoken in Turkey

Suppose that you are a skiing fan and love it too much. But you don’t have too much chance to do that. What can be reason for that, what can prevent you from skiing? Price? Well, I think price is really an obstacle for you, isn’t it? So, I would like to tell you about a skiing place which is with great buildings and lowest prices : Palandoken. Palandoken is the name of the mountain which is really close to Turkish city Erzurum and also in the borders or Erzurum.

Palandoken is really a great place to skiing with the cheapest prices as I stated before. There are direct flights to Palandoken from many European countries at skiing season, if you can’t find a direct flight to Palandoken you can get Istanbul then fly to Erzurum or you can reach Ankara and take a bus to reach Erzurum. These are the simple ways to reach the Erzurum. Accommodation isn’t a problem at Palandoken, there are several hotels near to mount Palandoken. If you can’t stay there or you find them expensive, you can stay at the hotels at downtown of Erzurum. Palandoken mountain is not so far from the downtown of Erzurum city so you can easily access there. Ski season is long in Palandoken but you should get there at the right time period of a year, winter times would be better for you. At last, I would like to add that 2011 Winter Olimpic Games will take place in Erzurum.

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