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Olympos Holiday Village Information

Olympos Tree Houses

Antalya is a holiday village which is 60 km away. Olympos is almost impossible to see a stone structure. All hostels in Olympos tree houses and serving in the form of derivative. Prices are very reasonable because there are mostly students. Prices in the tree house bungalow 15-20 TL 40-50 TL between air-conditioned rooms. The sea is very clean, Olympos has got a Caretta Carettas to see while swimming, the water in the bottom of a thousand varieties of fish is not surprising to see.

Olympos two of them with live music in the pop rock bar, and one bar.The cheapest food is pancakes and pancakes can be defeated 'feeding orphans' rank. Olympos each board twice a day, one evening a week to provide a buffet meal service. If tourists do not resonate with disbelieving eyes, carefully fill your plate to feed your stomach.

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