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Manavgat & Manavgat Waterfall in Antalya, Turkey

Manavgat Waterfall in Turkey

Manavgat is a town in Turkey and it belongs to the Antalya, a popular and famous city in Turkey. Manavgat town is between Toros mountains and famous Antalya beaches, and it’s one of the most beautiful towns in Turkey when it comes to the natural beauty. The social facilities of Manavgat town can’t be considered at advanced level but still there are some important facilities, some luxury hotels and restaurants. Actually, Manavgat is not a tourists destination, not a direct tourists destination I mean, there are lots of popular tourists destinations around and near to Manavgat, such as Antalya, Alanya, Bellek etc, so tourists who come to the Antalya or these famous tourists destinations, just drop in Manavgat as daily and they be back to their holiday at the same day, that’s why the accommodation types are not advanced in Manavgat.

Manavgat Waterfall is the most important and the most famous tourists attractions in Manavgat. This waterfall is really amazing and worth to visit, it’s also possible to view that amazing waterfall from the top of a hill, very close to the Manavgat Waterfall. Manavgat Waterfall isn’t the only place which is worth to see in Manavgat there are also some other places. Köprülü Canyon is a great national park, it’s worth to a visit, too. Side, Seleucia (Pamphylia) and Selge are the antique cities in Manavgat with full of history. Oymapinar Dam is another great and touristic place in Manavgat.

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