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Konya, Mevlana and Nasreddin Hodja

Konya Turkey

Konya is a historical and mistic city where Mevlana Moseleum is found. It has a large and smooth area that measures about 38.000 km2. Mainly wheat is produced there and is known as " storehouse of crops of Turkey. Konya is well -known in the world because Mevlana. Pepole in Konya is proud of Mevlana and they say they are grandchildren of Mevlana.Every year a ceremony takes place. This ceremony is called as "Şeb-i Aruz". It means "the night of coming together with Allah". Mevlana is considered his death as "to be born again, or coming together with Allah".

Also his saying" Come, come again come . No matter who  and what you are. Even if  you break you repentance thousand times , just come" is very popular and respectable in whole world. So many people from different parts of the world come and join the ceremony.

Another famous person who is well-known  is Nasreddin Hodja. It is believed that he lived in Akşehir - town of Konya- and his tomb is in Aksehir. The very strange and comic thing is the tomb is in that town and it is in an open area and there is a big lock on it. He is famous worldwide.

All in all, I can comfortably say that Konya is really a place which worth to visiting. Every year, thousands of tourists from many countries, especially from South Asian countries, come to visit Konya, and generally they can find what they are looking in Konya.

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