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Kemer Antalya, Turkey

Kemer in Antalya

Kemer is an historical district with full of history and it belongs to another great touristic place Antalya. Kemer was once a small town but after that it’s local government started to promote it and Kemer is an important tourism place now. It’s not so hard to reach to Kemer, Antalya has an international airport, you can reach Antalya then go to Kemer easily. Actually, Kemer is not a big city, it’s population is about 35000 of people at winter times but every summer 500.000 of tourists (estimated) come to visit that great place, Kemer. So, why do that number of people come to visit Kemer every summer? Well, Kemer has lots of tourists attraction, antique remains, historical cities, amazing beaches and crazy summer parties.

İdyros, Phaselis and Olympos are ate ancient cities in Kemer. Especially, Olympos are the most famous of them and it has a special importance in Christianity and every year lots of people come to visit Olympos to visit for religious causes. Göynük, Beldibi, Kiriş, Çam Yuva and Tekirova are the beaches in Kemer and all of them are clean and peaceful beaches, they aren’t private beaches, they are public beaches and free to use them, it’s another great advantage for tourists. Summer nights at Kemer is really famous and full of fun. Every year, lots of important singers and DJ’s come to perform in Kemer summer parties. If you don’t like crazy parties and noisy music, you can also go out to visit peaceful lands of Kemer, lots of green lands and forests in Kemer.

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