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Kaputaş Beach

Kaputas Beach Turkey

Kaputaş Beach is on the coastal road between two cute towns of Antalya; Kaş and Kalkan. The beach, which is often titled as one of the most beautiful beaches of the world, is covered by pebbles and the sea has a wide range of colors from light green to navy blue here. This stunning beach can be reached by walking from the coastal road down the stairs which has 187 steps.

Kaputaş Beach shares the same name with the canyon where it is located. The water flowing through the canyon during Winter and Spring doesn’t let any constructions here. That’s why there are no facilities here. So, you had better bring your parasols if you want to speand a whole day here. It is also recommended to have extra food and drinks because you can’t find any on Kaputaş Beach. If you are an adventurous type, you can also walk into the canyon and see Blue Cave which was once a shelter for seals.

You can go to Kaputaş Beach by geting on minibuses which carry passengers between Kaş and Kalkan. The beach is 17 km away from Kaş and 6 km from Kalkan. So, it doesn’t take so much time to reach at Kaputaş Beach.

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