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Izmir, Pearl of the Aegean

Izmir Turkey

İzmir is the third crowded city in Turkey. It is in the west  part of Turkey. Its land is one of the areas on which western civilizations established. There are a lot of cultural materials from arts to monuments in İzmir. It is called as ”Pearl of Aegean District”. It is the most important center of industri, commerce, transportation, culture, education, and tourism. The land of the city is shaped by the river valleys and the mountains which are placed along the east-west direction. Amongst the mountains there are fertile meadows. İzmir is under the effect of Mediterranean climate and  summer is hot and drought ; winter is warm and rainy.The very early remains found in İzmir went back to 3000 B.C. Ancient name was “Asia” according to Grek sources. İn 1076, İzmir was added to the state of Anatolian seljuk by Kutalmışoğlu Süleyman Bey. In 1919, İzmir was occupied by the Greeks. On 9th September 1922, İzmir was rescued by the Turkish soldiers.

22 % of the population are living in rural area and they grow many kinds of fruits and vegetables. They are very abundant in that area. Most important economic activities are industri, commerce, agriculture and tourism. Water melon, grapes, potatoes, wheat, olives, tomatoes, melon, cotton, fig, corn and barleys are most common products.

Ephesus, Bergamos are very famous places in Turkey. The first regular newspaper was published in İzmir during  the Otoman Empire. Its name was “Smyrneen” which means  İzmir citizen. İzmir is on the crossection of the highways of  E-23 and E-24. There is an international airport called Menderes Airport.

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