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Information Kusadasi in Aydin, Turkey

Kuşadası Guide in Turkey

Kusadasi is one of the most important tourism destinations of Turkey. It is inside of the borders of Aydin province. It’s very close to Aydin downtown and Izmir city, both of them are important tourism centers. Kusadasi provides two important features to it’s visitors : both history and fun. Kusadasi is famous with it’s clean and magnificent beaches. All in all, I can comfortably say that, Kusadasi has most important criteria which are important for tourists. The history of Kusadasi is not so exact, there are some information about that but it’s not so exact.

As we stated above, there are lots of famous beaches in Kusadasi. Ladies Beach, Papaz Beach, Green Beach, Kustur Beach, Pamucak Beach are some of that beaches. The famous antic city of Ephesus ( we will give you additional information about Ephesus with this website) is also near the Kusadasi, so you can spend you holiday with visiting both Ephesus and Kusadasi, I think that would be an unforgettable holiday. In Kusadasi, you can spend your whole daytime with swimming and at beach and if you love fun and you want to enjoy, you can get into the action with summer parties. Every summer wild parties take place at Kusadasi and famous DJs perform at these parties, that’s a great way to enjoy. At last, the natural beauties of Kusadasi, it has lots of them. You can visit the natural park in Kusadasi if you are interested in wildlife. You can also pay a visit to Sirince Village which is too close to Kusadasi and has a special value for Christians.

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