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Gumbet Bodrum, Turkey

Gumbet in Turkey

Gumbet is a popular holiday destination near to the Bodrum, another great and popular holiday destination in Turkey. Gumbet is an Agean resort and a famous holiday destination especially in European countries, people from England and Germany, also from many other European countries, come to Gumbet to visit and spend their holiday there It’s also not hard to reach to Gumbet, Because of it’s being such an important tourism place, there are lots of direct flights to Gumbet from many European countries and airport is too close to Gumbet. You can also reach Gumbet from Bodrum, it takes just a few minutes via car.

Gumbet offers lots of things to it’s visitors, nice, clean and modern beaches, different types of foods, you can taste from many other countries foods at Gumbet’s restaurants, also try the local Turkish foods. You can find Thai, Chinese, Malay and Italian foods at the restaurants of Gumbet, also local Turkish foods, for sure. Epsilon and Marina are two of the most famous Gumbet restaurants that you can try that foods out. Gumbet parties are also crazy and full of fun, there are lots of nightclubs and limitless fun. Gumber nights doesn’t mean just crazy parties and crazy clubs, also there are some long streets with lots of lights and tourist walk that streets up and down for 24 hours of a day. You can enjoy these beauty with walking and after that you can enjoy your beer in a café or bar .(there are lots of them) Life never stops at Gumbet..

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