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Gökçeada, which was known as İmroz before, located at the northwest of Aegean Sea is the largest island of turkey. In Gökçeada, which is piece of heaven with its natural beauties, you will witness that slience is disturbed only with playful waves. You may sunbath on Kefalos-Aydıncık beaches, located at the southern part of the Island, or take a mud bath in the salt lake adjacent to the beaches, and if you are lucky enough, you may even spot some nesting flamingos. Only a few decades ago Dereköy was the largest village in turkey with its thousands of inhabitants and more than two thousand houses. However, today, it is a deserted village with only five or ten Greek families left.

Zeytinliköy is the most popular and the best protected village in Gökçeada. Most of the houses in the village are repaired and inhabited. Zeytinliköy, built at the side of a green hill views Gökçeada center and the plain. Do not leave the village before you taste Madam's Dibek Coffe which continues hundred years of tradition. The most colorful and animated place in Gökçeada is Kaleköy... Kaleköy is lively starting from late afternoon until late hours in the night. There is a large choice of restaurants, bars, cafes, tea gardens in Kaleköy.

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