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Fethiye - Oludeniz

The untouched virgin of the Land of Light, Fethiye is located at the Fethiye Gulf hosting several Mediterranean islands, and in a North-caing bay of pine forests. Many sport activities and events are organized in Ölüdeniz, the most natural beach of Turkey, including world famous Aviation Olympics and Turkey Yachting and Rowing Cup. Along with splendid natural beauties, the neighborhood roll also involves fascinating historical sitesi. Above Ölüdeniz is Babağda, which is known as the second most suitable place in the world for tandem paragliding.

Ölüdeniz is a true wonderland with its pure green pine forests, the warm sea carrying every tone of green, blue and violet, and a long beach. The site is 14 km to Fethiye. The road follows a thick and green pine line until suddenly a bright blue tone surprises your eyes. Walk along the long beach around Belcekız Bay and you will be at Ölüdeniz. No single algae can be seen at the bottom, it is pure white sand. The light fractions through the water and from the bottom sand give the famous turquoise color to Ölüdeniz.

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