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Çeşme built on the furthest tip of the peninsula carrying the same name is a cozy holiday resort where healing warm wawters, staggeringly beautiful sand, sun and crystal clear sea embraces each other.

The location was used to called as "small port" by seamen, however in time, it was called Çeşme after a raft of fountains pouring ice cold waters. Aya yorgi bay, which is one of the most popular places in Çeşme has a magnificent view. During daytime, you can easily spot Greek Islands situated just across the bay. Aya Yorgi, which also has a magnificent view at nights attracts many local and foreign tourists. Ilıca is located 6km. away froum Çeşme and is Famous for its thermal baths.

Its excellent white and soft sand beach makes it the perfect location for summer houses. There is also a mud spring adjacent to Ilicalar, it is said that mud bath cures celluloid, psoriasis, skin diseases, rheumatism, spondilit and sciatica. Sifne, which is 10km to town center is famous for its thermal bahts with water temperature varying beetween 42-52 celsius and mud bahts, Ovacik, situated on the southeast of Çeşme, 5km. to the town center is well known with its natural beaches and travertine at Çatalmazlak.

There is no water flowing inside the travertines created by winds and rainwater. Underwater caves and the beach ornamented with clored stones will also attract your attention. The beach is the perfect place for those who like walking, Remeber to bring a bag when going out for al walk, to collect pebbles and seashells.

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