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Capital of the Hittite Empire : Hattusas in Corum, Turkey

Hattusas Turkey

Hattusas is a great historical place at Turkey, in a Turkish city of Corum. It takes about 50 km’s to reach there fom Corum and Hattusas was once a religious place that religious ceremonies were take place. For now, it’s not a religious place but it’s a cultural and historical place at all.

There are lots of great historical atworks at Hattusah, for example sanctuaries, the most famous of them is Yazilikaya sanctuary. It’s also easy to see lots of other historical places that were made of stone. There are also a famous and amazing temple, Great Temple, which is another popular tourist direction in Hattusas. Actually, it’s hard to say Hattusas is too much popular among tourists but it’s a great historical place and worth to visit. Hattusas was once the capital of Hittites at very old ages and now it’s listed under the UNESCO World Heritage List, as a megalithic site.

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