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Butterfly Valley : A Fascinating Place

Buuterfly Valley Turkey

Butterfly Valley, which is located on the east side of Belceğiz Bay, is a meeting point for nature lovers with its pebbly beach and deep canyon. Since structuring is prohibited here in 1995, Butterfly Valley is a perfect place to enjoy nature with its blue and green colors.

The visitors can reach at Butterfly Valley by boats setting out from Ölüdeniz there times a day. Ölüdeniz, which depends on Fethiye County, is just 13 km away from Butterfly Valley. The other way to go to Butterfly Valley is to reach at Faralya Village and go along the pathway down to the beach.

Butterfly Valley, which is 1,5 km long, has a unique environment with its perpendicular karstic rocky walls, endemic plants and butterflies which appears in May and Ocober. You can just sit and watch the sea whose sapphire color turns into turquoise blue during day time. Or, you can walk towards into the valley and see the waterfalls which is a stunning comnination of water and rocks covered by moss.

There is a small restaurant on the beach and it serves to the visitors who get tired after spending great time in Butterfly Valley. For those who want to spend one more day, there are some lodging options such as wooden cottages and tents.

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