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Altinkum in Didim, Turkey

Altinkum Didim Turkey

Altınkum is tourism place which is close to the Aydin city and also located in Aydin. Altinkum means “ golden sand” in Turkish, literally, and it’s sands are really like golden and worth to visit, fro sure. It’s very close to the Aegean Sea and because of that it has lots of beaches. It is a holiday destination at all. Altinkum is also very close to the Didim and antique Apollo city. Because of being that an important tourism place, it’s very easy to Altinkum, it hasn’t got an international airport but it’s being too close to the Didim and Aydin makes it reach easier. You can also reach to the Izmir airport, Izmir is an important city in Turkey and it has an international airport.

Altinkum is also the name of a beach in Didim, Aydin, moreover it’s being a holiday destination. Altinkum is an important popular beach, not only for Turkey but also for many other countries. Every year lots of people from many countries come to visit and spend their holiday in Altinkum, especially English people love to visit Altinkum and it’s a popular and famous beach in UK. It’s sand is like golden, as I stated before and really it’s a good view. A difference between Altinkum and other popular holiday destination is, Altinkum get sun lights, every day of a year, so you don’t have to wait until the summer months you can also visit the Altinkum, even at February month and you can swim& suntan. That is really a great feature and important for tourist, because winter holiday generally lower costs than summer holidays.

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