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About Cappadocia - Fairy Chimneys

Cappadocia in Turkey

Cappadocia region, the nature and history of the world's most beautiful is the place. Fair chimneys geographic events, historical processes, people, this fairy chimneys in houses and churches that have them decorated with frescoes and thousands of years old civilization to the present has followed. Paleolithic period of human settlement, along with the written history of Cappadocia begins Hitit. Colonies throughout the history of trade between countries, commercial and social hosts, and builds a bridge of Cappadocia, an important crossroads of the Silk Road.

BC XII. century with the collapse of the Hittite empire in the region begins a dark period.
Phrygian influence in this period of Assyrian and Hittite kings ruled the region will be carrying. BC Cappadocia VI this kingdom. The occupation lasts century Persia. Cappadocia is the name used today, in the language of Persia, "Land of Beautiful Horses" means. In 332 BC Alexander the Great defeats the Persians, but meets with great resistance in Cappadocia. The Kingdom of Cappadocia is set in this period. BC III. Century. Toward the end of Roman power began to be felt in the region and the BC First Halfway through the century, the king of Cappadocia, with the power of the Roman general is appointed and will be deposed. In AD 17 when he died last king of Cappadocia, the region became a province of Rome.

MS III. century, Christians in Cappadocia, income and education for their thoughts and become the center of the region. Between 303-308 years, Christians are thoroughly applied pressure increases. But the pressure to protect them from Cappadocia and is an ideal place to spread the Christian doctrine. Soft volcanic rocks, deep valleys and they have not voted against the Roman soldiers creates a safe space.

IV. century later, "Cappadocia's father, known as" the people saw the birth of Cappadocia. The importance of the region, III. Leon's İkonaları banned reached its zenith. This case, the icon of the pro region, some people began to take shelter. İkonoklasm movement lasted more than a hundred years (726-843). During this period several Cappadocian churches were under the influence İkonoklasm Although, those icons since they continue to worship here, easily. Cappadocian monasteries brought major development in this period.

In this period, from Armenia, Cappadocia, Anatolia, which until the Arab invasions began in the Christian area. Escape from this influx of people from the region of the churches in the region caused the change in style. XI. And XII. Cappadocia fell into the hands of the Seljuks in the centuries. In this and subsequent time of the Ottoman period, had a smooth region. Christians in the region last year, made in 1924-26 with the exchange, leaving behind them beautiful examples of architecture, had left Cappadocia.

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