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Important Museums in Turkey

Archaeology Museum in Turkey

The country’s wealth and depth of history guarrantee that Turkey has lots of artifacts for its museums even if there has been a problem with other countries shipping the booty off to foreign lands. The best and biggest museums are in Istanbul , where you can spend your days hopping from one fascinating exhibit to the other. The sprawling Archaeology Museum, near Topkapı Palace, holds finds from digs throughout the Middle East. Nearby is the excellent Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art, housed in an old Ottoman palace, which displays carpets, ceramics , paintings, and folk art.


Maiden's Tower, Istanbul

Maidens Tower Turkey

Maiden’s Tower is a great and amazing historical structure at Istanbul, which city a city with full of history. Maiden’s Tower is a place in the sea, it’s one of the most popular views of Istanbul and you can see it everywhere on internet and real life. “ Kız Kulesi” is the name of Maiden’s Tower in Turkish. Even if it’s access seems like hard because of it’s being inside of the sea, it’s not so hard to reach to Maiden’s Tower, suppose that you are at Istanbul, you can reach the Maiden’s Tower from Uskudar with boats and little ships.



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