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The Biggest Earthquakes in Turkey

Earthquakes in Turkey

After the incident in Japan, the world remembered the earthquake again. Turkey is over a heavily tectonically active geographic area and this is the reason that there happens so much destructive earthquakes this last decades.

The Anatolian block, also known as Anatolian plate is a tectonic plate located between Arabian and Eurasian plate. The Anatolian block is larger than the area of  Turkey and lately its squeezed to the Eurasian plate by Arabian plate. There have happen many big and destructive earthquakes in Turkey last century but we will give a detail only for  top 3 of them.

Izmit Earthquake ( August 1999)

Kocaeli (Izmit) is a small town located not far from the biggest metropolitan city in Turkey, Istanbul. This location have a history with destructive earthquakes in the past. The earthquake of august 1999 measured 7.6 of the Richter and broke the north-west section of Anatolian plate and killed more than 17.000, more than 50.000 people were injured and thousands of them were homeless.  The Turkish government announced a state of emergency and asked western countries for help.

Duzce Earthquake (November 1999)

Only 3 months pasted from this tragedy when a 7.2 Richter earthquake happened in Duzce, another town located near Izmit (70 km east), the first location. Around 1000 people dead, 8.000 injured and more than 150.00 people were homeless. Almost the80% of the buildings in town were damaged and all the industry factories in this area stopped working because there was no electricity. The Turkish government made a bill of $10 Billion dollars. This time Kizilay (Red Crescent) was ready for potential disaster and managed to help people injured in Duzce, also there were hundreds of temporary houses constructed.

Erzincan  Earthquake (December 1939)

This earthquake was with a magnitude of 8 Richter and it caused more than 32.000 victims. A big change in north of the Anatolian plate was noticed, there as a fault length of 360Km. There were very big damages, include all the Kelkit River valley. Erzincan earthquake was also felt strongly at Larnaca, Northern-Cyprus and in Sevastopol, Ukraine.

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