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Historical Places in Turkey

Turkey historical places

Ephesus is the most famous historical place identifying with Turkey. It is an ancient city located in the Aegean Region. Ephesus was the capital city of Asia State of Roman Empire under the rule of Emperor Augustus. Today, it is still possible see some structures of the city. This ancient city attracts a lot of tourists with its every year

Mount Nemrut located in the East Anatolia Region is a place where you can see giant monuments representing people and animals. It is also an ideal place to watch stunning sunrise. Zeugma Ancient City is in this region, too. This old Greek city was founded by a commander of Alexander the Great and its ruins can still reflect its beauty to the visitors.

Aspendos amphitheater which is the best preserved ancient amphitheater reflects the characteristics of Hellenistic era. This structure which has been challenging the time is still used for concerts and similar cultural activities.

Safranbolu, a city listed as UNESCO World Heritage, makes you feel that time stopped a century ago. The well protected old mansions of Safranbolu are good examples of Ottoman architecture. If you want to travel to the late period of Ottoman Empire, you can pay a visit to this cute city and live in that atmosphere.

Hattusas, which is located in Çorum, was once the capital city of the Hittite Empire. The city is known as the oldest settlement in the world. You can see old city walls, home stuffs, statues and mummies in Hattusas.

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